24 Hour Service

About Our Team

At Inter-Climate, you are a team member, not just an employee. Employees have jobs, and are focused on getting a paycheck, but a team member has goals and is focused on winning.

We believe that we are team players and we wouldn't be here if we thought otherwise. In order for us to be successful as a team, there must be three winners in everything we do: the client, the team member and the team. To achieve this goal, we must focus on how we sell, service and install, how we dress, communicate and act, and how courteous we are when we're driving and how neat and clean we keep our trucks.

The three winners must win in this order...

  • First, our clients must win. They will be our first consideration in everything we do. Without clients, we wouldn't be able to support a team.

  • Second, you, the team member, must win. If you are happy in your place of employment and are providing for your family, then you will be able to make our clients happy.

  • Third, the team must win. If the team doesn't achieve its goals, then it will be in jeopardy of disappointing both the client, and you, the team member.

Every aspect of what you do should be looked at with this philosophy and desisions should be made accordingly. Once you understand this philosophy, pages and pages of rules for you to follow will be unnecessary.

Most companies have employee manuals listing numerous rules. Our team has only a few simple and logical rules, and as with any set of rules, there may be different interpretations. You are on our team because we felt that you would be able to translate these rules into the "win-win" philosophy that we have in mind. For this reason, you would be an asset to our team. We ask that you endorse this page, acknowledging your agreement to these ideas.

Team Rules

  • The client is always right.

  • A client problem can always be resolved

  • Take pride in yourself and your fellow team members. Keep your General manager informed of any improvements you identify.

  • As an equal opportunity employer, we do NOT discriminate based on race, religion, age, origin, color, sex or disability as outlined by law. Each team member will be expected to have that same standard.

  • Rewards are based on merit. A personal review will be given at least twice a year by your supervisor/manager.

  • We comply with all provincial employment issues, heating and air conditioning code issues, and any other issues that our business becomes involved with.

  • We recognize that alcoholic beverages have no place or purpose while at work, in a vehicle owned by the company, or while representing the company during business hours.

  • Our vehicles are for business purposes only. Said vehicle should be treated with respect, as you would treat your own. We ask you to recognize how important it is for the client that your vehicle maintains an excellent appearance inside and out, anytime you are using it.

  • Team uniforms should be worn fully and correctly anytime you are in it.

  • Our clients understand that we won't use profanity while on their property. The same standards are expected for our facility.

  • Our clients property and privacy is to be respected at all times.

  • Whether in a clients home, in a company vehicle, or at our facility, be safe at all times. Safety guidelines outlined in the company safety training meetings should always be followed.